Do not rely on his father to learn to make a 400 million post APP

sing CEO Chen Hua University computer science graduate, when asked who is in his heart when he was named Curve Wrecker, ink weather CEO Kim plow. It is said that the self – plough gold and black sweat, I did not go to the high school, dumbass across.

in Curve Wrecker over the Internet business circle, gold plow background shows he is a ordinary youth, in the ink weather before, he had no business qualifications, nor served like BAT Internet executives. Dalian Jiaotong University is not a prestigious school, but not to help relatives and friends.

however, golden pear was born 82 years, from the beginning of the 1 individual part-time, with nearly 8 years of time, just do the ink weather with 470 million users, once considered ink weather is a challenge to the National Meteorological Bureau APP.

he said that the people around, especially gold plow is obsessed with something like, "Kung Fu" evaluation of palace two – if singing as if a corner, can become a monk, because many enough "". Kim Liai programming can stay up all night, but also can happy endurance, such as riding a 90 km, climbing a 2000 meters high. It is because gold plow body of this kind of characteristics, on the step on the mobile Internet business wave, only ink weather today.


figure: Golden plough in Silicon Valley speech

started by their own

before the age of 26 entrepreneurship, gold plow is an engineer, technical skills, free to write code occasionally play, won the international programming contest awards.

with golden plow entrepreneurial idea, always feel to work is not the final destination. In December 30, 2008, the day is also a golden plough birthday, he felt that he must begin, the evening of the 2 day, Jin Li Wo writing program at home, until the year 3 in the morning, N was interrupted among friends on the phone, found him singing, pulling him to the bar, he has to write the program one reason is rejected, a friend said "New Year’s day night writing program really sick".

May 2009, the first release of ink weather. There are three points to do more prominent: first, a good sense of experience, with animation effects, with the subsequent Android system is very similar, the effect is very impressive, but also save traffic. The two is to save traffic, the synchronization of a similar weather application requires 10K, ink only 1 to 2K. Three is the number of services for the city, by grasping the weather data, the ink can support more than 2 thousand city, and a number of other application coverage is 500.

this time, gold plow or in the part-time venture, take the time to take care of the ink weather. In September, he resigned to Symbian company. After coming out from Symbian, he pulled two college students as partners, every day at home, get up early to write code, has been written in the middle of the night, determined to do a strong demand to meet the needs of the product by the user

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