G7 announced the completion of 45 million U S dollars to continue to deepen the opening and sharing

news February 13th, logistics data services company G7 announced the completion of $45 million in a new round of strategic financing, investment for the country to open financial and financial China ProLogis, the national development bank equity investment platform, Papadopoulos global provider of modern logistics facilities.

after this round of financing, G7 will continue to deepen the logistics big data open and sharing, increase the technical input, is to set up the ecological chain partners and in-depth data connections, build more valuable data platform.

G7 founder and CEO said Zhai learning spirit, data will permeate every aspect of the logistics industry, only to open up and share the way logistics data through the ecological chain, to build the information model of logistics infrastructure, improve the overall efficiency of the logistics industry. CDB and ProLogis are important driving force for the development of the logistics industry Chinese, CDB and Papadopoulos industry resources will help G7 better play to the advantages of technology, faster development of business support, to create greater value for customers and partners to promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry Chinese.


G7 in 2010 for the logistics industry to provide data services, is a logistics data services company. G7 provides data service with real-time sensing technology for ecological logistics, intelligent terminal based, connect each truck, the owner and driver, capacity data, improve transportation service efficiency; vehicle to a large data base, intelligent connection oil, Luqiao, insurance, credit, financial leasing and other high-quality partners, a station service platform covering the logistics team main consumer, business for social services.

Intelligent vehicle terminal equipment G7

G7 launched smart box can realize acquisition including vehicle location, speed, driving route, driving conditions, import area, residence time, fuel consumption, driving behavior, driver attendance, cargo temperature, cargo handling and many other real-time data.

According to the official G7

, current products and services include: 1, team oriented users to provide digital tube car service (G7 mobile phone tube car service; G7 service; intelligent tube car) 2, enterprise solutions (help connect all customers data capacity, the capacity of purchasing, operation, management, settlement of the whole process end to end); 3, visualization of financial value-added services (G7 based on vehicle data bank, insurance, oil, polymerization of ETC, to provide financial services for clients).

According to the

G7 billion euros, the financing funds have been credited into account, and G7 and Cummings and has a strategic partnership. This cooperation, Cummings will be fully open to the G7 engine, the engine more convenient access to data, G7 data services can be improved rapidly, and G7 will feedback to the relevant data of Cummings, support the improvement of R & D and design of the engine; G7 and Wei Berkow cooperation will focus on promoting the development of transport and, to ensure the safety of highway transportation.


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