Marketing will be hot spots have been chasing hot marketing really good

hot will have been a very effective marketing tool, but many people easily into the misunderstanding, every marketing will become hot, a lot of marketers often make mistakes.


do marketing talk about product promotion, the first reaction is to cooperate with the hot, easy to spread. Yes, there is a hot spot, and according to the introduction of a hot quality marketing information, the amount of transmission must be swept like a hurricane. The problem is, when all of the information industry has been playing a "hot spot", when each hot spot became the carrier of a myriad of industry information, this is like hot dip sesame glutinous rice balls, you don’t know what color glutinous rice, glutinous rice sesame.

What is


chase hot spots in order to better spread, but the spread of marketing is not only to improve the conversion rate. The potential consumer into a user, called conversion rate. But marketing more than these, there are more subtle elements, that is, brand influence, product visibility.

if the purpose of marketing segmentation, we can be roughly divided into three types: one is to be developed as a potential user of consumers, he developed general brand users, and become a potential user; one is to let the potential users become consumers; another is to improve the existing user stickiness, consolidate the existing users.

When the product is up to

sells all sorts of consumer goods, almost homogeneous when users of consumer goods are no longer for simple necessities, or low prices, but for deeper pursuit, in order to improve the quality of life, and these should be with the "brand", "cultural products" are closely related.

Marketing and non hot marketing in

hot spots

marketing, not only for the transaction, but not for the hot marketing, but when you go to a certain degree of a product, with a subtle, naive need, the first brand into your mind is it in such a way.

after the "hot spot" has become, even if you intend to launch products to a soft related industry site, nearly all of them will tell you to "the correlation with hot", but this is really just a very general concept, everyone know the hot spot will be loved by the user, this view has also contributed to the the marketing under the banner of "hot spot", under the guise of bombing a variety of advertising information to users of the phenomenon.

hot spots are not prominent, still chasing hot marketing really good?

when there is no hot, we often do some kind of marketing, according to user needs, provide valuable information, and then implanted advertising, in-depth analysis of the industry, product placement advertising…… In short, not in order to cater to the hot and fast food marketing, but the value of the content of the value of long-term broadcast marketing.

chasing hot spots may be no matter what the content is too rough, it will be crazy spread, but also more likely to get the user’s favorite, which is consistent with the universal >

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