How to effectively promote the website essence summary

through the search network ( to understand, I simply summed up some. We can say a lot of things, but it is the most difficult to adhere to do. The method is just a framework that is really useful for some new ideas. To promote the idea through a variety of means to go out, so that more people know.

site promotion of the more important points: 1 to enhance the visibility of the site; the increase of Baidu included (now 2320);

3 external links (32), (2) improve the PR value; to improve the activity of the kingdom of shells.

stitch on the existing network resources to promote

website promotion, is a series. At the same time can also be based on specific circumstances to specific analysis.

forum to promote

1 main push: vendors, rivers, Tianya forum, etc., while the characteristics of the industry forum selection.

2 writing methods: for some of the hot events to expand, expand the soft writing.

hot words can refer to: Sina, Baidu billboard and other words to do, but also in major news sites on the interception of hot news soft original! For example: Sina home page above the "Jackson" will "Yao Ming injured" and other popular words. Can be released on the search web site, you can also publish on the company’s Sina or other blog, and then do the connection, the flow conversion. Can make good use of the function of the shell Kingdom, in the above send some relevant soft.


choose hot words, you can according to the site itself to the positioning of the subdivision, improve the quality of the flow, precipitation down more customers.

3 promotion methods: forum each other, each forum for the application of 5 – 6, with different numbers for each other. Keep the posts can be displayed on the home front position, not more refined in. Timely flow analysis through the flow of statistical tools. The main points of the analysis have several aspects: that kind of post can bring traffic? What time flow is more? Which forum to bring the flow of big and so on for the late accurate promotion to prepare!

4 forum to promote the details: to choose a number of the main push, you can carry out a full range of this number: labels, especially to pay attention to the head. To pay attention to the interaction between each number, while maintaining a positive interaction with other members in the forum! Multi thread, multi

posting replies, fine!

QQ promotion

1 every day to join the relevant group, through the group to release information. Multi picture, through the Photoshop map, through some funny pictures to promote. For example: QQ funny pictures, cattle ( software to do, write some more creative text with funny pictures. Published in the QQ group, the effect is very good.

2 for QQ group can use the group forum, group mail to publish the letter >

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