A brief analysis of some views on Marketing

whether the network marketing or the traditional marketing way, they all have something in common. Something in the long time, is not how to change. We must hold the same things and to learn something you can change, some knowledge and tools with the times change as technology innovation, in the constant strain is our marketing people should consider. Here are some of my views on marketing.

1, the marketing theory of advertising is not credible, the theory of teaching materials to get you the marketing experience is very little

why? Because there are a lot of advertising theory is the first American’s large advertising company designed, such as celebrity endorsements, of course, their purpose is to allow manufacturers to spend more money, they can earn more money. However, but has not received some effect. Because of the advertising company people are showing off their technology is awesome, but they did not really understand your products, how can such a person has the best advice and ideas on the product, this is not possible, they just put advertising do very beautiful, let a person look very beautiful. But, what is the use? We need to remember that our aim is to allow consumers to remember our brand, remember our goods.

2, so that the most understanding of the people involved in the production of advertising creative production, and the best advertising ideas from the consumer

consumers are the most aware of their own needs, even if the consumer is not very clear, but they also know what you don’t want. Your creative advertising source of exchange and communication between you and consumers, for their demands and needs in their discourse. The accumulation of a large number of materials and data through a large number of access. Then through the analysis of the data that we have to do what kind of advertising creativity, realize marketing, profit can be transformed.

3, the essence of marketing is to spend the least money to maximize the value of profit

how to spend the least money? Through negotiation skills, storm on each other, to lure, in fact you are when marketing a variety of platforms, their prices can be compressed, of course, the other will say it is hard to sit down, but you still can not relax, of course you don’t have the corresponding the condition is very difficult to talk down. You can rely on a large amount of time is long, can promise to pay the full amount. In short the advantage not only in advertising pay, can also save money in personnel, management, saving equals to increase profits.

4, the purpose of marketing is to allow users to remember you, remember your best way is to repeat

when we were students, is repeatedly let us learn all kinds of knowledge and skills, so the same applies to marketing, only allow the user to remember you, you will have to repeat purchase, and the enterprise or the company largely rely on repeat. So you have to repeat in two words on the power >

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