Discussion on how to plan WeChat marketing during the world cup

2014 World Cup is going to start, for hundreds of millions of fans, this is indeed a visual feast. The most important thing is to watch the world cup live atmosphere, so many bars have become a gathering place for fans, drinking beer watching the game really nice. Each city has a large number of fans, there are a lot of bars, this time is a good time to do the activities of the bar and marketing, WeChat marketing as an example. Now many bars, hotels have their own WeChat public account, as long as the customer to add public accounts, you can call the waiter on WeChat, other services to view the hotel. Bars can be used to attract customers around the marketing of WeChat, a city’s Pub customer source is generally near the public. But with the world cup can attract more customers, but to do pre warming.

first is how to accumulate the city’s fans, you can find this group through the QQ group, you can also plan some activities online. The easiest way is to attract the eye of the bar in the layout of the banner, such as: come here to see the world cup beer, or souvenirs and other promotions. WeChat public account to make more fans pay attention to their own bar, in addition to vote or quiz on the public account, who guess the outcome of the match the complimentary drinks or gifts. The main source of income is the bar drinks, WeChat public accounts can be announced on the price of all kinds of drinks, public accounts to pay attention to the purchase of wine has a discount. This can increase a lot of friends and fans, do not give the user a little benefit, it is difficult to let others pay attention to you, many friends will forward their own activities such as this, invisible to help promote your account.

and then how to sell more wine, the bar will have a special sale of alcoholic drinks sister, the summer is the most common drink beer. Beer brands have a low grade, there are high-grade, the price from a few dollars to a few bottles of a bottle of money, according to the user’s different levels of consumption, recommended to customers different grades of beer. Most of the consumption level is not so high, the sales of high-grade beer is not suitable for the world cup, because most gathered together to see the game for the grass root. But there are customers will choose the box, at least not so noisy, and a few friends together to see more passion. For this part of the customer can recommend several grades of beer, or even the use of packages, the purpose is to allow customers to buy more beer. Of course, consumption reaches a certain amount can give some peanuts, fruit etc..

is the final function of the design of the public account of WeChat, the use of public accounts can be online call attendants, functional aspects need to be introduced to the customer. This activity will generally have a moderator, responsible for the active atmosphere, of course, but also to sell drinks. In addition to the online call attendants, as well as wine packages, etc., customers can directly complete the payment on WeChat, and even do not have to go to the cashier of the bar, and very convenient. If the bar can cooperate with other businesses, it may be more profitable, such as: sell jerseys business, bars can sell some of the shirts or souvenirs.


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