90% of the people in the WeChat marketing has entered a number of errors

recently Lao yuan in the fashion of the WeChat marketing. An in-depth study and found that most of the friends do WeChat marketing seems to have caught a few mistakes. Brush every day there is a sense of existence, but not much harvest. To sum up, there are several errors.

misunderstanding: blindly follow suit.

this is the root cause of most micro business bad business. See other people to sell the mask of fire, followed by their own mask to do, see what others say to sell, follow suit to sell what. Then you certainly can not make money, only to do their favorite will be more and more satisfactory! The more the more happy. So the line must be careful!

products and people are inseparable, the products are used to solve the problem of people, the so-called positioning, is to determine the crowd, the first person in the circle, and then provide them with the specific value (product), solve their problems, this is the process of resource matching. Not in the amount of resources, but to see whether it can effectively match. This problem, but also a lot of people do not understand the whole, too many resources, sometimes it is a burden. First select the crowd, then the product. This is the right way!

wrote here, a lot of friends can be asked to sell the mask, I mask user groups, is a woman, the woman is my customer base. You are not here to customers every woman, 50 year old aunt she is not your customers? 15 year old girl who is not your customer? Stall aunt is not your target customers, obviously they are not your customers. So, there must be subdivided again, want to clear your target customer groups, and they are now experiencing problems, and then symptomatic launch products.

error two: Ji Gong into the heart of

, too!

has a lot of friends into a misunderstanding, the WeChat is considered to be able to immediately effect marketing artifact. Second days shall not hate open account, see Everfount performance, immediately anxious to use some software, a lot of powder, and then in the circle of friends brush advertising, so every day to brush, don’t say to others, is your mother, look tired every day, it will pull you black ah, to let your friends see you can delete, some even from the diffidation, really not worth


misunderstanding three: one-sided pursuit of the number of fans

want to use WeChat to make money, no fans is definitely not earn money, but not the number of fans more precise fans is the kingly way! What is called precision fans, you send the message, just what he needed, your information is useful to him. So you provide things, he will be willing to pay a few days ago with a man online chat, he said he had only more than and 500 fans, the same as the monthly earn more than 10 thousand! The first day of only the information out of the three, many do not send. All around! A summary of his methods, it is two, one is a fan of precision, two is not violence is full of promotion! Fans to find his


so don’t superstitious what add powder artifact, not to say it can not add powder, but such software, >

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