Social electricity providers gathered in micro shop A round of financing billions of dollars to deto

recently, the social electricity supplier gathered in the dark horse micro shop to get 228 million A round of financing, once again detonated a new retail concept. In recent years, due to the rise of WeChat, QQ, micro-blog, unfamiliar street and other social platforms, social electricity providers to take this opportunity to develop rapidly. With the end of the traditional electricity supplier flow bonus, more and more explosive products in social App burst red. After the explosive growth in early 2016, the social development of the electricity supplier is relatively quiet, following the micro, adorable shop, and so a lot of fight, gathered the micro shop of this new round of financing or re burning social business wars.


era of mobile traffic to social, social business as "xiangbobo"

social electricity supplier hot, inseparable from the mobile era traffic to social focus. According to the early Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) released the "China social application user behavior research report" revealed that in 2015 China’s social development market rapidly, instant messaging application has become the first mobile application, the utilization rate of up to 90.7% commonly used rate of QQ, WeChat, unfamiliar street in the top three.

The advent of the era of

mobile Internet, so that more and more users become fragmented life, the scene, even if the traditional electricity supplier giant, its operating structure is increasingly mobile. In October this year, Li Xi, senior vice president of Jingdong group in the sixteenth China Internet Media Forum revealed that since the end of Tencent investment Jingdong mobile terminal transactions increased year by year, is expected to break through the mobile Internet shopping in in 2017.

where there is traffic, there will be an electricity supplier figure, ten years ago, Taobao is with the advantage of flow, and gradually grow into electricity supplier overlord. The mobile Internet era up to 9 users to rely on social App, the social power has become xiangbobo. Not only Ali, Jingdong and other giants crazy layout, clouds in micro, micro shop, shop, etc. a lot of adorable spell emerging social electricity providers have also rising. Said Robin Li as the Third World Conference on the Internet, the mobile Internet outlet has ended, so social electricity providers also ushered in the first inflection point, who can complete the unicorn in the node off the change, who will become the next industry giants.

, in the WISE2016 Unicorn conference, social electricity providers in the micro shop become gathered on behalf of the participants, the founder of Liu Chuanzhi, Feng Lun, Xiao Shanglve and Wang Shi, Li Kaifu and other business leaders attended, let the world focus once again gathered in the body. In the A round of financing the conference gathered on not only invited the famous media people Lang Yongchun presided over, Nestle, Dewin big brands such as PHILPS representatives also come to join. Can be seen, gathered with other social electricity supplier different. The social electricity supplier in the melee to come out of the rookie what magic, can get this honor, it may be worthwhile to do a careful analysis of the social electricity supplier.

anti Uber mode to do the new retail, the rapid rise of micro shop gathered

although the rapid development of social electricity supplier, but thousands of people in the hearts of thousands of people face, and some think it is to solve the information explosion >

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