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I am a master of communication, journalism and communication in the doctor. Interested in news planning, network marketing and event communication. Due to the planning of a number of sites and activities to promote, can also be regarded as an entry-level network push hands, but in terms of network search engine optimization is a super rookie. Cut the crap, 05 years since I began as a media consultant in the company. In the daily work and learning to gain some experience, and now through this site to share with you, and I hope you pointing.

I do not like to use the site to promote the use of a lasting accumulation and cultivation of tactics. Also do not like the competitive ranking, and planning and speculation news events are very interested. In 2006, I served as a spokesman for large-scale activities, the company by the Commission, the group’s pharmaceutical propaganda website, through a spokesman identity advantage, in an interview, I will announce the URL of the website, and opened a large-scale activities related to the information on the website, the website hits all of a sudden up from a single digit daily to more than 7 thousand, lasted about two months time, external links will improve a lot, PR value rose from 0 to 3.

2008, I should invite the media website, the website moderator, the website to PubMed content, so as to test the students, many criminals frantically selling "test detect anti anti shielding messaging tool" in the above, when I found the miserable administrator, administrator, and Shanghai the youth daily contact, youth daily do almost a full page report, "the media net" and "spread the little prince" of these two words in the article, there are a lot of times, is a positive tone in the report. Interested friends can go on Baidu search, this article reprint rate of over 1000 (reference keywords "anti shielding, anti detection and spread the little prince")


last weekend, a graduate student friend to start to open a Roasted Chicken shop, do a small blog, not much traffic, business in general. Then he wanted to make a report by Shanghai newspaper, people want eighty thousand pieces of advertising, I told the youth daily contact, starting point and timeliness and obvious identity fall from the employment situation of university students, graduate student entrepreneurship, economic crisis and the gap between the selling Roasted Chicken identity, Youth Daily an interview, published a full page report, with pictures, forwarding quantity is great.

I just made a website that is free of data sharing service and consulting type website, online media, is planning a promotion, I plan a few small media events, with the social issue as a starting point, Shanghai is expected in the traditional media published, please look forward to.

In this paper,

feeds: Webmaster: the spread of the little prince

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