A five line county from the media how to do the powder suction for two weeks 60 thousand

WeChat public account since its birth in August 2012, the registered number has reached tens of millions of orders. 2014 is the year of the outbreak of the WeChat public account from the media operators, WeChat

emerge in an endless stream!

WeChat in the country since the media like a raging fire today, WeChat large public hundreds of thousands of fans, the amount of reading on 10W+ is a homely food. Some people from the media with millions of fans, a year just wide point more easily profit hundreds of thousands! Like logical thinking big coffee class from the media who have achieved exploration, model of fans to membership fees profitable


however, we did not see behind the light focusing stage, since the media owners have a number of local public account operations diligently WeChat! Some of them have gained local tens of thousands of fans, connecting businesses on the road to find a profit model. Some of them just on the road, with thousands of fans, but full of confidence!


is a county-level city in the local station in the PC era is frustrated, keep on fighting, finally with the help of WeChat to catch up with the mobile Internet outlet, 2 weeks to go beyond the local PC big boss, which local media platform NO.1.

Rushan WeChat public platform registered in March 21, 2014, December 25, 2014 for the first time in the middle of the intermittent push, push content, the main focus was still on the PC side, some too late. By January 8, 2015, when the number of fans for 891 people, did not do any promotion and drainage, but on the PC side of the site put a two-dimensional code for old users to scan, then most of the users are concerned by natural search. In March 15, 2015 fans grew to 4600, from 891 to 4600 experienced a period of 2 months, mainly rely on the formation of content to increase the spread of fans. During this period, the growth of fans is basically in a very casual state, and occasionally a small day activities will increase by about 200 fans.


then went through the Spring Festival in the middle of the year, the fans had a net growth of -5!!!


overall average number of people in the official operation of the two months, the average daily growth of around 65 fans.

But during the

held a local network spring festival activities, using the WeChat platform to do a player voting, did not expect a day has increased by hundreds of fans, the most important is that we see the fans to vote activities like crazy.

, Rushan public platform for a period of 16 days of the contest adorable treasure in March 24, 2015 -4 month 8 days, the public platform for incremental fans is amazing, reaching 72020 people to complete a beautiful corner overtaking.


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