20 Fen experiment site traffic promotion network fast

The following method is a new steps to promote "my comedy entertainment hall base".

master free look, you do not use ~~~~

said that the promotion, in my mind, is to make the content of their website to spread to other sites as much as possible.

this, who can do, but the difference is that the master, it may be easy, but for the novice, this is a physical activity.

everything, to work in the right way, in order to harvest, many webmaster friends. Ask me. Why do I get up early every morning. Hard. Site IP is not up?

well, I want to ask you, too. What did you do for so long? Don’t do it without effort.

below, I will combine their actual experience, to talk about "fanchon" on the website and publicity.

the rise of the old things, launched has won a lot of people’s attention and love, especially a lot of prescient webmaster.

principle is very simple, that is, content aggregation, through this platform, an ordinary user, you can also set their own content resources or release, or collection.

now comes to the website promotion, is not limited to the use of Internet users, basically every web station, and other content to stand aside cooperation interface. Of course, it is not necessary to work with them to promote, see how you get, and the following will mention some.

1, expand and enrich their content, according to the location of your site, to those related to portal sites, to choose, and then put the title and content of amendments.

no more, what do you take to promote, ha ha, this is not my words, you know.

addition, the content of your web page production, must be simple, open the speed to fast. The placement of advertising must be optimized (not only do not make money to promote HA) recommend GG or Yahoo bidding.

should also pay attention to the stability of your own web server Oh, because the network promotion, your web site, but there a long time isn’t open, your content may be K off.

2, their website. After selecting 10-25, excellent, high traffic web station. If your station is professional, then went to several links or content and your site theme started site polymerization, I do not specifically recommend it, so much to choose several. They will provide a quick collection of tools, such as IE and faster way right, these are ready.

3, the above are doing pull, you can start the promotion of the early (to remind you, to adjust the mentality of the good, as an ordinary user to get your own).


will work hard, according to your chosen web station. "

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