Poor webmaster network scam trick network diagram

What time

no matter what place, not afraid of death, bad owners always exist, such as the now network during the campaign, and completely disregard the current severe adverse stationmaster to form, so a little bit of petty profits and the destruction of the network environment, the use of fake pornography pornographic movies to lure primary users registered SMS alliance, alliance films or other allied products.

below to this forum to send pornographic information to cheat the flow of the webmaster as an example to explain with you:

1, bad sites will usually provide some bad means of promotion, such as forum, blog and other message board automatic posting advertising software to cheat the flow, make people feel very hateful.

these methods also allow some webmaster, especially to do the webmaster is very boring. For example, the following is in our forum to send spam to promote his website.

2, ordinary Internet users may see more of this, know the fraudulent traffic, will not be fooled, but some new users can easily click to enter their website, the following look at their web site:


3 when you click on these so-called free passion movies to watch, their real purpose is there, to see the film, you must first register so?

if the webmaster is to do SMS union or movie alliance, it will be said to verify the phone number and so on, here it is necessary to download your Firefox,

because you can get a certain amount of money every time you download one.


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