Congratulations TechWeb website from the alien safe return

recent domestic frequent cases of alien hijacking well-known domestic websites, before 51, blog bus, fence and other well-known sites have been hijacked, but the time is not long, the longest is a few days time. And these sites I basically will not open once a year, can not have any impact on me, and not too much attention.

around 21 p.m. on January, the industry’s well-known IT site TechWeb site also suddenly can not be accessed, suspected of being hijacked domain name by aliens, leading to abnormal access to the site. Different from the above several sites, as if the alien is more loving to TechWeb, the TechWeb was hijacked for up to 11 days or so, until February 1st at about 5 p.m..

Mou Changqing once wrote an article, "I have to go on a few sites every day". One of the sites is TechWeb, used to open a few times a day, in these 11 days can not open, I feel very unaccustomed. A lot of webmaster friends, may not understand what kind of site is TW, some webmaster friends may not even, today I would like to briefly introduce, why I want to TW reasons.

IT Longmen array: a lot of friends are aware of this line of activity it, 2 per week will be invited to an industry heavyweight guests to share experience. This is sponsored by TW. 2 times a week, I would also like to see who is today’s guests, if they are interested, will take the time to listen to.

technology broadband: this should also be considered a feature of TW, in the domestic IT site, the first in the form of video industry news. In addition, TW also has a lot of original video, such as some industry celebrity interviews. TW webmaster friends familiar with gJj also did a video interview.

In addition

TW blog channel, is also very good, a lot of IT Hot Blog are on the blog, can see a lot of the original IT blog every day. I also have a blog above, every time there will be a new article published in TechWeb, because in that hair, the article can often be pushed to the home page, feeling more recognized.

TechWeb may also have some other good places, but I may not have to pay attention to the content of each person is different, so feel different. The 3 points mentioned above are not the reason why I go to TW every day. TechWeb is the most attractive to me, they are the industry forum industry zone. I will basically every day to see this section, but is only that people do not belong to you. And I believe that a lot of people often go to TW, but also because of the existence of this forum. Why is this section so attractive?

we all know that there are a lot of gossip in the entertainment industry, such as China entertainment network, is a concentrated entertainment gossip. But entertainment gossip, 10 things, there are 8 things proved to be false. In the IT circle, the same IT gossip, and the most concentrated place of this gossip is in Tech>

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