12306 security issues Online shopping tickets may be leaked

    January 6th message, with the Spring Festival approaching, the Ministry of Railways to choose 12306 booking users more and more. This gives the Ministry of Railways 12306 web site has brought huge traffic, but there are also technical people said there are security problems on the 12306 site, there may be leaked user data.

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railway 12306 booking site traffic soared

China Railway Customer Service Center Network (www.12306.cn) is the only official website of online shopping tickets. From the 12306 website online booking system on the line so far, 12306 site traffic soared. At present, according to Alexa data show that the Ministry of Railways 12306 have been rushed to the 112 flow charts, and in a few days ago, it is still outside the top 200. Of course, with the end of the Spring Festival, the 12306 site traffic also there will be some decline.

website traffic surgeThe Ministry of Railways 12306

website traced to the presence of security problems in

Ministry of Railways 12306 site recent traffic surge, resulting in a lot of users frequently encounter system busy, I am sorry, the current visit to the user too much, please try again later. " situation. In addition, there are no tickets, swallow money spit swallow spit ticket, identity card less money was registered and other issues.

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for these problems, the Ministry of Railways official responded that the flow of traffic is too large, resulting in a series of problems. Now in the improvement, increase the network bandwidth and processing refund issues. At the same time to remind users operation can not be too hasty, when operation is not successful, can not easily click back, refresh, to avoid duplication of deductions. In addition, encountered problems, as soon as possible 12306 customer service call for help.

The Ministry of Railways in the

this year launched online booking is a benefit to the majority of users of the good things, but if not easy, it is also a good thing becomes a bad thing. And in the above problem has not been resolved, the user once again broke the news that there are 12306 security risks, there may be another password crisis.

days ago, the domestic Internet user information leak suffered a history of the largest. Many well-known sites are involved in the "leak door", netizens simply talk about "color code". At present, the "leak door" incident haze has not in the past, netizens also called 12306 website may leak, which will undoubtedly bring home wanderer dropped a bombshell.

According to the

named "-AK47" Bing users, front basic framework 12306 the website is jQuery+Struts+CDN (content distribution network), "

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