The car electricity supplier war upgrade car home to stop traffic and easy

[Abstract] car home successfully bid for Baidu PC Aladdin advertising, aimed at the automotive business, and BITAUTO more intense competition.


reported in June 5th ran technology Tencent

the evening of June 3rd, car home successfully bid for Baidu PC end Aladdin advertising news. Tencent technology exclusively learned that BITAUTO CFO Zhang Xuan at the investor conference, has confirmed this news.

media said Aladdin lost PC terminal resources, BITAUTO will lose 40% of sales leads (sales lead). But the decomposition of car traffic sources, we can see that the 40% argument is too exaggerated, the ratio of 15%-20% is possible. Aladdin is currently bidding results have not yet released the mobile terminal, mobile terminal of the car should be bigger.

car home with a large number of its own traffic flow in the purchase has been conservative, the generous bid for Aladdin, apparently aimed at the car business. Although the media in this piece of business car home after blasting BITAUTO, but in the car business, the two are in the same starting line, the outcome undecided, the future of the two electricity suppliers in the automotive business competition will become increasingly fierce.

BITAUTO possible loss of 15%-20% flow

easy to lose Aladdin after the news, the market reacted strongly, BITAUTO’s shares plunged on Tuesday 11.6%. BITAUTO in flow rate is dependent on the partners, and through more than 600 websites, gathered from each platform car sales leads, traffic sources Aladdin is also an important Baidu car. In 2011 and 2012 for two consecutive years, BITAUTO is Baidu Aladdin platform exclusive car content providers.

lost PC Aladdin resources, BITAUTO will be much impact? As the rumors "loss of 40% leads"


in the first quarter of 2014, the car from the mobile terminal sales leads has accounted for 50%. In addition to Baidu, BITAUTO main partners include 360, PC in the end of the Tencent, NetEase, etc.. The decomposition of car traffic sources, we can see that in the end Aladdin PC single resource on may not have as much as 40% car. 15%-20% this ratio is possible. At present, the mobile terminal Aladdin bid not the result, the mobile terminal of the car should be greater influence.

is easy to spend a year to buy billions of dollars of the price of Aladdin flow, reason is that car dealers in the side of the deep accumulation, but does not have the advantage in the end users, so the need to spend money to buy traffic, then the sales leads into this part of the traffic brought to the dealer.

and the car is the home of the car started the vertical portal, attracting a large number of users through the content, so the car home traffic can be said to own traffic".

The difference between

owned traffic and paid traffic, resulting in two in sales and management

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