n early April the domestic website traffic 360 security center super Taobao ranked third

IDC network (idcps.com) on 29 August 04 reports: according to the latest data China Internet Association – Chinese website ranking announced that as of April 16, 2014, the domestic website independent visits the top five are: Baidu, Tencent.com, 360 security center, taobao.com and Sina network, as shown below.


As shown in figure, in addition to the 360 security center, the rest of the 4 site traffic fluctuations is not stable. During the early April, 360 security center traffic after another, and Taobao and Sina fierce competition. At the beginning of April, 360 security center traffic is at a minimum, and basically the same as sina.com.cn flow, then the flow swells, taobao.com and beyond Tencent.com, then flow down, however good times don’t last long, as of April 14th, only beyond taobao.com, among the domestic website traffic statistics third.

compared with last month, ranking no change. Below, IDC review network with everyone to understand the specific situation of these five major site traffic.

1, Baidu (baidu.com)


Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, was founded in Beijing in January 2000 in Zhongguancun by Robin Li, Xu Yong two people, mainly to provide web pages, music, pictures, news search, and Post Bar and WAP search function.

2, Tencent (qq.com)


Tencent.com is currently the largest portal, Tencent official website, provide QQ software, plug-ins and QQ game downloads, QQ show, QQ hall, QQ and fantasy, group, greeting cards, magazines, radio, friends, members and relevant help and customer service.

3, 360 security center (360.cn)


360 security center is the largest free security platform, founded by Qihoo 360 in July 2006, Qihoo 360 is also the official website of products. In order to provide a secure Internet access tools, anti-virus software downloads and technical exchanges.

4, Taobao (taobao.com)


Taobao is Asia’s largest network of retail business, is committed to creating the world’s leading online retail business district, founded by Alibaba group in May 10, 2003. Computer communication, including men and women supplies, sporting goods, books, audio and video game equipment and other goods auction, as well as related community, Alipay also offers online trading safety assurance system.

5, Sina (sin>)

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