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[TechWeb] April 15th news reports, the concern of sina the latest version of micro-blog media today will be officially launched online, the first account for the media presentation and content aggregation upgrade.

Prior to

, a Sina micro-blog Tencent intends to follow the example of WeChat launched the public account features frequently heard rumors, but Sina said micro-blog, the outside world refers to the function is not the so-called "public account", but for the media version of micro-blog’s latest upgrades.


Micro-blog released

media content will automatically generate a graphic card (TechWeb pictures)

media version of micro-blog’s biggest bright spot is the promotion of multimedia aggregation of information. Upgraded version of the media, is no longer limited to the previous single micro-blog information flow form, the media can be carried out in the new home page micro-blog card release, and in the article list page to form a mixed picture.

micro-blog home page, the media release micro-blog content at the same time, will automatically generate a graphic card, card will include news pictures, headlines and abstracts, and micro-blog information presented. In addition, the navigation on the new article plate is presented in the form of mixed graphics and text, multi article three-dimensional rendering. According to reports, the future of the media will be able to customize the contents of the selection of the contents of the article presented, and the relevant information online editing.

whether on the micro-blog home page links, text card, or click on the plate in the news, will jump directly into the original page, for other media platform, the media forms will bring more opportunities for brand exposure and diversion to the original platform.

new upgrade of the media version of micro-blog increased the right recommendation module, that is currently more prosperous trend reading". For each user to enter the current micro-blog page, the platform will be based on the media matrix, interest labels, user relations, and some of the rules of the algorithm, recommended to users of different media and articles related information.

is reported that the new version also provides a set of data analysis system, is currently on the line is the fan analysis system. Media can be based on the fan’s age, geographical and other different attributes, the content of production, promotion and other optimization, analysis, and bulk reply.

according to sources, in the new version of micro-blog media online, will soon launch a media information push function, then the media will be according to the contents of the different attributes, choose different users, content and form of message service message, will also be multi media information card.

Sina media version of micro-blog on 2011 on-line. The media show.

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