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      China Internet after 10 years of development, commercial sites everywhere, but also tens of millions of personal websites, tenacious survival, waiting for the next chance of a breakthrough, according to incomplete statistics China personal website has exceeded thirty million. Is China’s Internet has been very mature? Thirty million webmaster can have a good profit model? In fact, at this stage of the domestic personal website mainly concentrated in several types of entertainment website, content is not abundant enough, the difference is not enough, there is also a serious plagiarism; personal webmaster integrity is not high, by some means of cheating, cheating, has certain influence on the development of the whole environment. The profit of individual website comes from where? Individual stationmaster will go from here? This requires us to be able to see the current situation of the internet.
      1: mainstream websites and personal website interactive
      mainstream websites cannot do without personal websites, personal websites also cannot leave the mainstream website, two missing is unimaginable, a lot of personal website is get a lot of traffic, through publicity in the mainstream website at the same time, the mainstream website also will be needed by the personal website to obtain the contents and users, and the relationship between them is truly compatible.

      two: large-scale replication propagation

      the Internet model and replicability of the great achievements of the Internet, just as Taobao, a low-cost copy of a shop to ten thousand, the one hundred thousand. Let’s look at the search engine, the content on the website of large-scale collection, update, so it can increase the number of the corresponding advertising opportunities, resulting in a lot of advertising, so the Internet replicated and scale is also very important.

      three: the win-win between the webmaster and

      various types of Internet sites are numerous, business information, business products, to provide services for personal users, there is pure advertising network and so on, but the Internet space is very large, various sites can co-exist, will encounter a lot of personal site the same type of site, there will be competition. But the competition should be benign, not to kill anyone, who should be able to do it than go down, so there should be more interaction between the webmaster and the webmaster. Because in this process of interaction, to promote each other or progress, you can achieve a win-win situation. Lanbing homes in the establishment of the process, make use of the advantage of resources, launched personal webmaster flat-share Lanbing Internet space, is also a good webmaster win-win model.


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