GoDaddy a Shenma final Resurrection can be obtained by Facebook

The good news:

GoDaddy a $Shenma in "Easter" before finally "Resurrection", this does not seem to limit new users, but it is somewhat special, to get the discount code and link by Facebook QQPCC, of course, is naturally obtained after the discount code tell you this information, but since the requirements of GoDaddy all through the Facebook, we still do it, perhaps each preferential access code and the link is not the same.

offers: register or transfer any.COM,.US,.Mobi,.Biz,.NET,.Org,.CA, or.CO.UK, as long as $1!

discount time: May 23, 2011 or 10000 places, whichever is first.


use Facebook to get a discount code detailed operation method, please look at this site in English:

Fcebook: Sk=app_208312065864420


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