Yield to Ali CN sea Amoy renamed honey Amoy officially enabled domain name metao com

renamed China (eName.cn) September 1st news, according to media news, the domestic well-known sea Amoy business platform CN sea Amoy, renamed "Honey Amoy" website, officially launched today to enable domain name metao.com. Currently, click on the original official website domain name Haitao.cn, jump to metao.com.


: Honey Amoy official website screenshot

it is understood that prior to July, the Alibaba held the "sea washes" trademark, it was renamed "CN sea Amoy Amoy honey", and use the creative domain name metao.com, launched the Web side of the sea Amoy sale site, into the sea Amoy brand sale business. According to the "China whois information display, metao.com domain name registration in July 13th this year, the latest update August 28th.

cross-border electricity supplier, known as China’s e-commerce under the blue ocean. CN sea Amoy was renamed "Honey Amoy", accelerate the expansion of the scale, has become the largest sea Amoy brand sale website. This platform is convenient to meet people rest assured to buy foreign goods demand, while reducing product prices and reduce the waiting time, so that everyone can convenient and affordable sea Amoy, overseas purchasing genuine sale bid farewell to the era.

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