The monthly income of RMB500 yuan to 50% owners do not face occupation crisis

according to authoritative data show that as of May 2010, the number of global websites has reached 234 million, of which there are 3 million 230 thousand in china. In recent years, with the strengthening of the regulation of the Internet, the choice of foreign server sites are not in the minority. Behind the number of sites, personal income is? According to the third party agency DCCI released the "2010 Chinese Internet webmaster the survival and development of a white paper" data show that individual owners accounted for 58% of monthly income below 500 yuan, of which 42.2% did not have any income, even the domain name and server space the money did not earn back.

cause the status quo, do not care about the following points.

one, the limitations of personal technical capabilities.

although many webmasters are staying up late to study site technology, promotion methods, but mostly belong to the singles dry, difficult to climate. As a result of restrictions, more than the use of personal webmaster CMS site construction. If you have a good idea, want to expand the function of the site, the individual is often a lack of strong program two development capabilities. Some people may be proficient in the program, but the web art can not keep up. The Chinese people lack the spirit of innovation, but do not lack the spirit of cottage. When others steal their ideas, but also to do better than their own, which makes a lot of personal webmaster helpless.

two, lack of funds and channels.

a successful website, must go through the preparation stage, the promotion stage and large-scale operation stage. The preparation stage, including the site’s name, location, access to the program, server selection, etc.. Promotion stage, this stage is the promotion of the site, the purpose is to establish a website reputation, started the website brand. Common ways to increase advertising investment, reduce advertising, enhance the user experience. Scale operation, enter this stage, indicating that the site has a certain influence in the field, you can continue to profit. The vast majority of individual owners belong to the grassroots level, limited venture capital. Good name of the domain name, a powerful web site program, the quality of the server, the basic cost of this station has become the largest investment in personal webmaster. Talking about the promotion stage, grassroots webmaster is to complain: advertising money cannot play big promotion, website cooperation not only rely on their own strength, to do some of the lowest levels of soft Wen promotion, promotion of forum and blog promotion, it is difficult to see its day.

three, over reliance on search engines and advertising alliances.

the vast majority of individual owners, the main source of income is the online advertising. Web site advertising revenue is often linked directly to the site’s traffic. The vast majority of personal site traffic from search engines, including Baidu and Google accounted for the vast majority. The consequences of excessive dependence on the search engine, is the personal website search engine grabbed the throat. The search engine to let you die tonight, won’t you stay at dawn. Furthermore, a lot of individual owners can not get their own advertising, can only rely on a variety of advertising alliance. The advertisement union buckle quantity and K account belongs to the homely food. So >

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