2003 was a turning point in the Chinese network

I study some of the success of the site, not only to look at its current scenery, but the search site information, trying to return to the origin, and then restore the true course of a successful website. In this process, I found an interesting phenomenon: a lot of the site is currently doing a good job, was created in 2003 or so, or ushered in the development of the site’s first important opportunity. We put these sites can roughly be divided into two categories, such as Taobao and so on, fence net life or business website, was created in 2003; another type such as Blogcn Mu Zimei, the world community only these events, let their websites for the first time in the comprehensive development of the events occurred in 2003.

we can verify that it is not a lot of interesting sites, are in line with the "2003" rule? 2003, is a turning point in the Chinese network. So why is it 2003?

because 80". In 2003, after 80 the biggest 23 years old, began to truly enter the community. What is interesting, I like this 70 generation, when we graduated from university is not the Internet, so when we enter the community and our generations — are society’s "new student", no right to speak, can only listen to the old leadership and colleagues arrangement. But the "80" and we are not the same: in the real world, although just entered the community "80" still do not have the right to speak of the "new students"; but when the "society" behavior synchronization in the network, "80" immediately gained the absolute right to speak. In simple terms, the Chinese Internet from the beginning of 2003, that is, 80 internet. Through QQ, online games and so on network entertainment and Enlightenment "80", since then, the Internet reached full life and humanistic politics field.

here, about 80, I want to make a new definition: special "80" is based on the 80 ‘s born definition, but I think that’s not accurate; I prefer to use 1976 – 1986 to be defined, the reasons are as follows: a person’s character, is generally in the youth that is, about 14 years old; 1976 people at the age of 14, was 1990; the beginning of 1990, just Chinese entered the market economy; so after 1976 people close to the values.

so if you follow the above generalized "80" to plan, in 2003, "80" is "23 – 27 year olds"; after 4 years now, they are the mainstream consumer groups at the age of 27 – 31 year olds "– is just the reality of the present. This can be explained from a side some kind of living website why began in 2003 now looks good: because the site and the young users grow together, 4 years later, when users become the mainstream user base has become the mainstream website website.

this tells us that if you start to do the site, the most valuable user base is not the so-called 25 year old – age 35

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