Look at the bustling Tmall eleven data how to be hidden price is really down

no matter you are willing to accept, "double eleven" has become a special holiday, known as shopping carnival, with a word that is to buy buy buy. On that day, the merchant tried various fresh tricks showmanship, buyers have various items into the shopping cart, just waiting for the midnight bell sounded, payment, delivery, and for other people, even if not involved in will be watching with an audience attitude.

with the rise of network culture, a number of festivals in the rise of the network has been sought after, double eleven is one of its. "Double eleven", as the name suggests that every year in November 11th, has been dubbed singles, after in November 11, 2009 by Tmall as a marketing campaign on fame, opened a real online shopping Carnival Tour, and become the largest electricity supplier online shopping promotion day.

if you don’t know how hot it is, take a look at the sales figures for the past eleven years,


2009, 50 million;

2010, 936 million;

2011, 3 billion 360 million;

2012, 19 billion 100 million;

2013, 35 billion 19 million.

35 billion, what is the concept of last year, Shenzhen GDP was 1 trillion and 450 billion 23 million, the national GDP was $8 trillion and 300 billion (about 50 trillion yuan), while the completion of the 35 billion Tmall only a day. 1 such data can be used to describe the bustling, and behind the bustling crazy, if not Tmall, we do not know we can spend so much in one day. This year, Tmall will be the target of 50 billion, according to the report, China post office is ready to "every one or two days" in November 11th after the delivery of more than 90 million parcels, think of the day on the road everywhere express little buddy figure, but also really drunk.

, however, after the bustling is controversial question about Tmall double eleven data reported frequently, this year’s double eleven has been in the countdown, businesses have in doing final preparations, and behind the double eleven has a kind of story, Lei Feng also ready to descend.

only to complete sales to enter the venue?

recently about Tmall ten a request to participate in the activities of the main venue businesses must ensure that sales of rumors spread like wildfire, said that if the business is not up to the set of Tmall’s sales, Tmall will cancel the qualification to enter the main hall, and cancel to provide them with active resources. Insiders said that this is a disguised form of Tmall forced merchants brush.

Tmall double eleven will participate in the activities of almost all the shops, but not all can enter the venue, only selling brand of high shops are eligible to participate in "double eleven", and the main venue will according to the different periods of transactions to show the top-ranking merchant, because of the single brush can help businesses improve in the main hall of the probability of exposure.


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