Look at the valley race the article third days in Google has risen

13 see of Valley race events, in the afternoon on its website got a page, the morning of the second day to see Baidu and GG are included, it seems that two search engine speed is very fast, in these two days are basically stable in the first in there. But two days in the first row of the Google website (See what people are of the valley: saying right now on Technorati) if not open, do not know the other person can open?

is ranked in the first place of Baidu incredibly is the activity of article of stationmaster net hair, if to end that day is their first word that this award is to who? Haha, interesting. Yesterday, stationmaster net is lifted, worth to celebrate, and this will not be releasing degree about Valley race? Because one of our company’s website was closed for more than a year of www.szchitd.com, in the 05 year of December was created in March 06 new revision, no cheating, but more than a year is not closed, depressed!

of course, yesterday the search Valley can not find the page I, but the search of Valley activities in second pages, and I was in Baidu space to publish this article, the title and content of a little change a few words, but in today’s view, the page on my website is not on the road where to go, Baidu space the line up, it seems that Baidu still has the priority in the Google search ^_^ Oh, today is two words in the valley that I came in the page second page second, hope it can continue to rise! Related to the degree of SEO and so on are ranked in the first page, including I posted on the website of the article. There are 9 days to refuel.


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