Talk about how individuals do micro business how much pit

micro channel from the beginning of 2014, advertising circle of friends does not stop, one by one, maybe my attention is different, the specific time is accurate or not is not important, important is the common person to do what is taking the micro pit, or earned? Recently seen a lot of friends advice on doing micro resignation taking how? 2000 yuan started taking micro promising I and so on related issues, do a simple analysis so I have personal understanding of the situation.

added a known description: do the Internet friends, do network promotion friend at a glance to understand these skills, operating practices, but the majority of people would just use WeChat only, not that everyone like you. What will be, regardless of micro-blog, QQ space, website is a play a routine, as long as the routine method to understand, are the same, but ordinary people do not know, it can only be said to give ordinary people.

one, micro channel public understanding of what channels?

1, ordinary people talking about the derivative of the first impression is the so-called WeChat personal circle of friends, share their advertisements through the circle of friends, and then focus on their own, plus their friends can contact their buddies by means of advertising, buy their merchandise to sell, this is a direct way to all friends your goods and recommend a way, but also the most criticized.

2, WeChat subscription number and service number, the ordinary people most is the access to a subscription number, no money, can register a direct service; before must pay 300 yuan after the enterprise audit can be opened; can share some pictures through WeChat’s subscription number, and even video and web page can then, think of a way to let fans pay attention to you this subscription number, of course, this method is limited to some slightly understand the Internet operation buddy operation.

3, "share (I use WeChat to share network blog, Illinois) Taobao mobile phone shop page, WeChat’s Micro shop, other APP software and so on, these are slightly higher in master operation.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of

two, micro channel

just said micro business operation channels, the majority of people in most cases is nothing more than three channels, one is the WeChat circle of friends directly share advertising product information to attention, add themselves as friends of friends, one is to share some merchandise advertising information, commodity soft articles to their fans through WeChat subscription number, also through a micro shop on WeChat goods, and then share to friends, then the other for example through the web to share a circle of friends to share with friends, through other independent store page, there are a number of APP software (the ordinary friends difficult to operate together), it is two kinds, one is through the various WeChat sharing circle of friends, one is by the number of public information sharing, so they all have advantages and disadvantages of


1, through the circle of friends to share articles, web pages, micro shop, personal advertising information sales of goods;

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