The implementation strategy of WeChat in the mobile nternet Era

With the WeChat

user group continues to expand, enterprises should improve the WeChat marketing importance, intensify the construction of WeChat marketing platform, and constantly improve the marketing service system of WeChat and WeChat customer relationship management system. Under the background of the mobile Internet era, enterprises should make full use of the advantages of WeChat marketing, shaping a good corporate image of the public, to expand the sales of products or services to achieve economic benefits. This article and we briefly talk about the implementation of the mobile Internet era WeChat enterprise strategy


(1) improved information push mode

enterprises in the full use of WeChat marketing advantage when we should improve information push mode, the readability of a good grasp of the information push frequency and information content, so that customers are interested in by pushing interest to understand the enterprise information ". First, grasp the moderate Qiao information push frequency. Under normal circumstances, enterprises in order to allow customers to learn more about the information, will often push products and activities to the customer letter, to the customer into a great antipathy. Especially in similar information push frequency too high, customers are likely to directly cancel the official WeChat enterprise attention, so enterprises must grasp the appropriate information push frequency, information push frequency control in a 2-3 day. Secondly, to ensure the readability of information. To enrich the enterprise push information content, avoid the pure declarative information to customers boring and then lose all the value of thinking interest.

enterprises in the preparation of information, should follow the fun, readability, visibility of the principle of the letter in the use of humorous language, rich pictures. Stimulate customer interest in reading information, so that reading push information to become a kind of enjoyment, through information to understand the relevant information.

(two) to improve the quality of customer service WeChat

enterprises to make full use of WeChat marketing information exchange and interaction features, WeChat customer service. In WeChat customer service, companies should always maintain good service attitude. Even in the case of communication with a number of customers. Be patient enough to answer questions from each client and give relevant recommendations. Only meticulous, patient and considerate WeChat customer service, in order to give customers a good impression, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty of the business, in addition, the enterprises should also be rich in WeChat services, increasing the artificial reply, reply, keywords answering, online payment and other functions, so that customers can quickly obtain relevant information according to their own needs, and complete the relevant products or services through the WeChat deal.

(three) to strengthen the safety management of WeChat marketing

WeChat marketing to get the trust of customers, we must create a safe sales environment. Avoid WeChat security risks caused by the loss of customers, to cause adverse effects on WeChat marketing. To this end, WeChat official should support WeChat marketing model. Continue to complete the security measures for WeChat software, timely verification, clearance by the user to report the account, and regularly check the user involved in sensitive keywords, excluding the use of illegal business WeChat suspicious user

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