China’s economic restructuring is the two largest e commerce development opportunities

The international financial crisis, which began in 2008, accelerated the development of

in China in 2008 and in the year of 2009. Macroeconomic Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, Yu Bin believes that after the financial crisis, the adjustment of China’s economy in two directions, will bring greater opportunities for e-commerce services.

Yu Bin believes that after the financial crisis era, China’s economy from the big side, the main face two major adjustments:

first, after thirty years of rapid development of China’s economy, how to turn to the service industry to promote the rapid development of innovation and the development of China’s economic transformation. In China, a lot of products are surplus, but there is a shortage of supply, demand is almost always present in the service sector. Promote the development of the service industry has become an important direction of China’s economic development, the future of the country’s 12th Five-Year plan will focus on promoting innovation in the service sector.

in the next thirty years, China’s economic growth depends on what support Yu Bin think, to a large extent by the rapid development of service industry and the rapid development of the service industry. In fact, China’s economic development to today, is facing a lot of constraints. The monopoly of the service industry, the low efficiency of the service industry, the short supply of the service industry and the high price of the service industry restrict the development of the national economy and the improvement of people’s living standard. In the next thirty years, especially from 12th Five-Year began, the economy should focus on the service industry to break the monopoly, promote innovation in the service industry, promote the service industry to improve the supply capacity and the competitiveness of the service industry accounted for the proportion of the entire economy, the service industry as a basis for supporting the economy in the future China the rapid development of the.

secondly, China’s economic growth will depend on exports, dependence on investment into dependence on consumption. In 2008, China’s consumption accounted for only 48% of the total GDP, while the average level of developed countries is about 78%. The biggest difference is from private consumption, private consumption in China accounted for 35% in 2008, while the world average is about $61%.

Yu Bin pointed out that from 2005 to 2007, three years, import and export contribution to China’s economy in more than 20%. When the international financial crisis, when the economy of developed countries has plunged into recession, a large number of consumers tightening consumption, so as to make Chinese a substantial decline in exports, Chinese economy is facing a severe test, the country will also need a long time mainly depends on the rapid growth of exports to promote economic growth mode, shifted gradually to rely more on domestic demand, particularly domestic consumption demand, in order to ensure the sustainable and stable development of economy Chinese.

Yu Bin believes that the above two big adjustment, provide a broad space for the growth of e-commerce service industries represented by alipay.

since the international financial crisis in 2008, China’s online shopping and other emerging areas of consumption has shown great potential for development. From the end of August 2008 to early July 2009, just 10 months time, Alipay note >

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