[Taobao experience] to quantum statistics to benefit

this is Taobao "seller" digital version of invitation, a practical case of small articles, digital magazine published "seller Title: in fact, you can do for the explosion" tangled, for how to use the quantum statistical data analysis and provide guidance to the shop operators have some reference, for everyone to share!

is a baby that is very competitive, then the train promotion, but the results are often oil to burn a lot, but baby sales total does not see improvement? Is the train didn’t drive well, baby or not to choose? In the choice of selling baby before, how to accurately find the hidden potential of the baby? Starting from the seller of the most familiar data tools "quantum crossing", trying to through the quantum statistics "baby respondents ranking function, help the seller found" potential baby ", optimize store products, improve store sales.

from the baby was ranked in the interview found potential

many sellers determine shop selling baby, basically rely on "imitation", today the popular leopard skirt, tomorrow popular small striped shorts, but imitation is often the result of someone selling rotten baby is moved the store two times sale. In quantum statistics, there is a "baby visited by the ranking function, function in the three data should attract the attention of the manager: baby number of visitors (UV), the average access time, jump loss rate. These three data is valuable for the discovery of potential baby.

that how to make good use of the three data? Through the previous operation practice, baby visitors high number, the average access time is long, the bounce rate is low, which indicates that the baby is welcomed by buyers, this baby conversion rate must also be such a baby, chosen to store potential successful probability will be much higher. Do not believe you now try to look at the data in this way, you may have unexpected surprises waiting for you.


combined with sea e stores a specific commodity explosion of wash and wear shirts. Figure 1 2012.1.1 to 1.31 e sea flagship store visit ranking top6 baby ranking, we found fifth ranked shirt products, daily average daily visitors number is only 125, but the daily transactions are in 5 parts, the conversion rate of nearly 4%; the Top1 ranking of the access number is 457, the average turnover of every day in the 12 part, the conversion rate of 2.6%; compared to the main push of Top1 data and top5 baby baby will find two average data access time top5 and the baby bounce rate, far better than Top1, according to the above data and experience, we will resolutely top5 products as the main products, and increase the intensity of stocking the results of this product, now indeed in the continuing sales, monthly sales of over two thousand.


Figure 1: 2012.1.1-1.31 day e flagship store top6 baby daily access data ranking