Taobao mall prices cited riots Ma held an emergency press conference


Han Shu homes founder micro-blog speech

Business News: Taobao mall price terms after the launch, has aroused strong dissatisfaction of the sellers. This afternoon, the Taobao mall is not satisfied with the sellers who formed the anti Taobao Union, planning the October 11th night on the Taobao mall big sellers to grab a siege action. It is understood that the main means is to take goods to take the business all designated goods, these goods are mostly limited promotional support, cash on delivery and promised free return. As for why the collective crowd of women’s clothing, because women’s sales in the first long-term Taobao.

currently known polymerization of anti Taobao union businesses reached more than 7 thousand people, the industry claimed that in October last year, Taobao has just made, in October this year and was made a business platform more and more chaos Taobao. Some businesses said that now has ordered a 13 aircraft to fly to Hangzhou.

was the first Korean female qiangpai onlookers give up the Taobao mall the first women’s clothing store goods have been off the shelf, and the next one is OSA, things got more time for businesses to get out of hand, and will aim at Akihabara, 4000 people at the same time, the original is also compromised soon the shelf. It is reported that according to a women’s ranking of a category, the top ten mall stores are all small businesses are the basic cleaning. As of October 11th 23:10, Osa nearly 30 days refund the total number has reached 19402 times, the starry home 13985 times, seven, 6769 times, one percent to 17601, too horrible to look at.

"everybody is very excited. These businesses are mostly knot grievances, Taobao mall regulation is very dissatisfied." According to participate in the activities of a merchant said, from 11 onwards, a large number of businesses began to stir in the QQ group, and through the YY voice to get contact with each other. There are one or two people as a director, responsible for planning and hosting the event, the whole population is divided into more than and 30 executive, attack according to different Taobao mall stores respectively.


anti Taobao mall action plan exposure

"this will let the store in a dilemma, not all shipments, the other for compensation, 72 hour delivery can be compensated, so that shops can be penalized button to shut shop. If the merchant goods within 72 hours after all, those are all sure the goods, thousands of people in all to 0 or 1 points, the score to low business immediately, and all people together to apply for a refund, but also because it is 7 days, the refund rate will soon rise to 100%."

then ended the business forum in Hangzhou. Before a seller said, Ma is the press conference held by the Ministry of justice!!! Taobao has been to the Hangzhou government began to put pressure on!!!! "