Seize the mobile payment Ali credit payment month end of the line

Ali credit payment fast is the end of this month is a comprehensive on-line, slow at the beginning of next month will be on the line." In August 12th, a Alipay told the "twenty-first Century economic report" revealed.

earlier this year in April, Ali’s credit payment business began in Zhejiang and Hunan two provinces on-line test. In simple terms, the user is the first payment of credit overdraft, repayment. Ali will be based on the user’s buying habits, consumer records and other data, to Taobao, Tmall users to provide 1~5000 yuan ranging from overdraft.

a bank credit card center sources, in a certain risk control, credit payment can not only enhance the shopping payment rate, as a good customer service; and from the pay cut credit, get more financial income.

previously, Ali financial business group president Hu Xiaoming is expected to the end of this year, total consumer credit will be between 400 million ~5 million, the average 200 yuan ~300 yuan.

leveraging mobile payment

currently, Ali credit payment only supports mobile payments, including mobile phones and tablet PCs. From Alipay’s present situation, the credit is more leveraging mobile payment. We have done for several years, mobile payment is not so easy to develop, whether it is tied card, or pay." A Alipay insiders told reporters complain.

previously, Hu Xiaoming said: "in 2012 by Alipay Chinese Bank (2.69, 0.03, 1.13%) of the mobile phone industry bank payment, the success rate of only 38%."

at present, the quick payment in the mobile phone mostly by entering the name, bank cards, mobile phone number and other information, and then get a 6 digit password, and then complete the payment, but also need to pay a lot of mobile phone guide to the Internet, then the payment experience is more general, the success rate of pay is even worse.

is not only a low success rate of payment, and due to the flow of services, the mobile terminal binding bank card (referred to as tying card) the average success rate of only 40%. A few meters fund net CEO Chen Peng told reporters, the user opens the bank card binding page, complete risk warning, safety standards, and then enter the name, bank card number, mobile phone number and other information, and then received a confirmation message, enter verification code to bind. The whole process is relatively cumbersome, each process has a loss of users, if the network is not good, the success rate is lower." Chen Peng said that this is bound to be quick to pay the bank card, if the other bank card success rate is lower.

"at present, in the mobile payment, domestic companies are at the same starting line." An industry source told reporters that those leading companies, but also just run a few steps only, the entire mobile payment market structure uncertain.

money paid through the relevant business official told reporters that, at present, WeChat payment and payment of money and did not do credit payment business plan. Now >