Business platform strange phenomenon the sale is sold separately include goods of Advent

online shopping has become more and more popular, but many of the strange phenomenon of electronic business platform, still people can not understand. This series of articles for the readers to bring relevant content.

is not sold by the electricity supplier to sell

for a long time, the line entity shop in the face of non selling goods and gifts, usually do not sell separately. Once consumers buy in the store with a non selling goods, gifts, experience loaded, trial loaded words of the goods, it will be a complaint to the store. But for now, the electricity supplier platform is completely different, including Jingdong, Suning, Dangdang, including the mainstream electricity supplier, almost every family in the sale of the above types of non sale of goods". And according to the relevant laws and regulations, the electricity supplier such sales is not illegal.

therefore, once consumers buy this kind of goods in the electronic business platform, there is no need to tangle. More importantly, this commodity prices are cheap, such as, had put 2 pieces of diapers trying to sell 0.1 yuan low price, the purchase amount is not only one, but 20 very exaggerated, it is cost guards. So consumers in the purchase of such goods, just care about shelf life can be.

a courier is responsible for two electricity supplier

a courier is also responsible for the two electricity providers, but also at the same time is responsible for the two electricity supplier payment orders, even more wonderful is even POS machines have. This could not help but make people suspicious, is encountered false express specialized fraud? But to the goods is absolutely correct, this situation have to say is a strange phenomenon of electricity.

in fact, this is actually the result of the two companies also hired a courier company caused by. To the author, for example, although the residence is not a small city, but Amazon and Dangdang these two mainstream electricity supplier, while using the same courier company, courier naturally is the same person. Encountered such a situation, consumers do not need to care about courier identity. If it is the first encounter, just check the goods carefully when you receive it. And if it is to buy iPhone phones such valuables, it is best to choose online payment rather than cash on delivery. In this way, it can completely avoid the false express special fraud, with Taiwan iPhone copycat mobile phone cheated of money tragedy.

do not specify the advent of goods

online store shopping, consumers usually pay attention to the production date. Especially when buying food, is very concerned about whether the advent or expired. And the advent of goods is also fairly standard, not only a substantial reduction in the price, but also particularly marked "advent of goods". However, it is disappointing that many mainstream business in goods but not calm the future. It will be a substantial price reduction, but few will be stated whether the advent of goods". Faced with this situation, the best way to deal with consumers is to look at the user evaluation and then orders. If the user is advent goods in difference evaluation will contain relevant information. >