Ali Zhang Yong traditional business and new business to tear down the Berlin wall


technology news March 1st noon news, Alibaba CEO group Zhang Yong in the "2016 Tmall global business conference site called China does not need a network to form a wall depends on the supply of goods, consumers and channels separated," the wall "Berlin wall" never appeared! "


Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong

Zhang Yong said: "all enterprises do not do business, but all enterprises must do business!" in a few days before, Liu Qiangdong has just published "forget the traditional enterprise electricity supplier, electricity supplier sector off" remarks, once attracted all the blame.

Zhang Yong said, "we all know that a retail business, the Internet is just to play such a role, the commercial version to the Internet, I think all the businesses will abandon this thing."

currently, the Internet and business to accelerate the full penetration and integration, has formed a "no electricity is not" situation. Zhang Yong said, "because the network is no place can not be reached, we should use the Internet to make all of our businesses to consumers away from the more recent consumer behavior, all businesses can get better feedback, get better data, the efficiency of our entire business are better able to enhance." (Li Yingnan)

following Zhang Yong speech record:

Zhang Yong: Ladies and gentlemen, Tmall business friends, good morning!

these three days, I three, and then three different meetings, to head rotation a little bit faster, yesterday evening after come back, in fact, had thought a lot, because with our Tmall team this time chat very much, is what to do with the 2016 Tmall, because Tmall? Now this platform is very large, in fact, today we came to more than 800 businesses, there are also Chinese from overseas, but we can say just a ten on behalf of all of us in the Tmall business, in fact, more businesses today have no way at the scene, but I think we as a whole a large platform, we a coexistence of the partners, we will understand each other very well, the platform of the new year of 2016 is what we want to do. At the same time, we see the world in what happens, we hope to our business friends, for our friends, friends brand channel, in this changing environment, we can provide what kind of service can promote what change. So I think this is one of our purposes in the spring of 2016 on the occasion to open our Tmall global businesses conference.

I want to start, I still want to talk about some of my recent understanding, some insights. In fact, we all know that Tmall from the beginning I was in Tmall, now in our entire park, Ali in the team, and that’s when I said, double 11 last year when I ask for a moment, all participated in the 7 session of the 11 second double a few, in fact I was a statistical number >