Some suggestions for the seller’s novice

electronic business platform development up to now, shopping bag mail has been widely used numerous times. The use of "mail" the strategy to attract customers has become a promotional tool seller, but whether it is Taobao or Tmall products, basically shipping will be far more nopostage much more from this phenomenon we can see, on the one hand, shopping shipping cost become more and more low, otherwise why the seller will help the buyers to pay the fee so easily, but on the other hand we can through careful analysis, shopping bag mail " " for users has become a more and more behoove. But for some novice sellers entering the business, not only will the seller shipping goods on the site will be set to "mail", then even if it is done, but to choose suitable shipping strategy according to the actual situation.

first, the use of cost-effective package strategy. The so-called economic type shipping strategy is to reduce the seller shipping costs, the seller can choose the logistics market on the higher cost of private express, when the products reach a certain amount, there will be a lot of private express wish to cooperate with you, this time every single courier at the very low discount is relatively easy, which include a postal packet and the economy EMS the state-run express, the price can be very low. But we must realize that the high cost of private courier companies often because of distribution outlets, low area can not have the receiving point, will cause the logistics cycle is too long or more places to the distribution of success, buyers will because of this problem and to sell commodity bad, this time is very concerned about the goods the seller will, because the evaluation of a few dollars and The loss outweighs the gain..

second, the use of the amount of consumption restrictions on the package strategy. We often see the store in the store discounts all kinds of discount banner, said the number of dollars can be consumed by how many yuan, or similar to buy a send such a discount. In the electronic business platform, also can use the marketing thinking, the shopping bag mail into the promotion of ideas, that is when users spend many yuan in the shopping platform, the seller can provide shipping services, or consumer goods reach the mountain how many pieces you can enjoy free shipping. In fact, many of the package is currently in the use of a number of well-known electronic business platform, Jingdong, Amazon, shop No. 1 and other platforms are also required to achieve a certain amount of consumption can enjoy the postal service. This package strategy, in particular, how many pieces of goods can enjoy the package can also promote the additional sales of goods, the number of sales of goods to bring a lot of improvement. At the same time, the shipping strategy is also very easy to bring some loss to the seller, because when the user buy too many goods can easily exceed the delivery of the first heavy, especially when shopping goods weight and space is larger, if the seller in the price of goods no profits to replenish, it is very easy to loss of a point.

third, the use of luxury tall on the package strategy. The so-called luxury tall type shipping, this is just a name. >