Taobao shop how to make the product in front of the release

today, we have a discussion of Taobao and keyword optimization skills, master the rules of the search rankings are very useful for the novice shop, it can help you bring unexpected business. Now let’s talk about the knowledge of doing business.

use what way to make your store increase in popularity? What strategy let your baby in the tens of thousands of similar goods in the talent shows itself in the stone? Explain, you can understand the secret of Taobao, from the perspective of network technology and gives his own answer


first, Taobao home search rules

here to consider is the commodity on the general keywords ranking. In the choice of key words, in order to avoid some of the popular Taobao keyword sort of goods for human impact, we choose a group of relatively cold keywords for testing. Search in the Taobao home page search products, through the comparison of the results, you can draw the following rules

1, independent factor law

ranking and the amount sold, views, price, seller rate, Xianhengpeifu, location, layout of product pages and a single keyword in the name of the commodity in order, the number of basic factors such as independent. For example, the "Mars Mars Lake Lake monopoly, compare goods and discount movie called" Mars Lake tickets "goods, in search of" Mars Lake "keyword, a commodity not because of the" Mars Lake "keyword appears two times or more factors such as the amount sold in the search results ranking before.

2, search results ranking law

There are two key factors that influence the ranking of

, namely, "surplus time" and "whether or not to recommend commodities". The remaining time = baby is valid – (current time – release time). Baby there are two valid values, respectively, 14 and 7, corresponding to the release of the product and the validity of the selection, the release time is the time for your baby shelves. "Recommended goods" this factor corresponds to the "window recommendation" option when we release the product. The search results according to whether the "recommended" window of goods this factor is divided into two sections, no matter how much time remaining, recommendation section in front of the table is not recommended goods section of the same section, the remaining time is shorter, more high ranking. For example, even if the "Mars Lake ticket" has 5 minutes to the shelf, if it is not checked for window recommendation, his ranking is still more than just released out of the window of the recommended goods "Mars Lake tickets" on. If the same is recommended goods window, then the next frame of Mars Lake movie tickets will be ranked in front.

3, equivalent search word rule


1) + second = first keywords first keyword + special characters + second keywords that closely arranged search rules and special characters are ignored, the search results without resolution (i.e. multiple keywords search results in order to closely linked).


2) first +>