Appliance double 11 war major electricity supplier firepower

in the eleven "past golden week", although some appliance stores and manufacturers have made substantial promotion before, but the actual sales did not achieve the desired effect, but also not in the industry boom, the appliance industry sales of the line the whole miserable light, the home appliance industry is also facing tremendous pressure, and the line of the household electrical appliance enterprises are busy in preparing for the upcoming "double 11 carnival, it also allows most manufacturers of online shopping festival have more expectations.

major electricity supplier low price for home appliances double 11

"double 11" is coming, for consumers, "double 11" is a shopping Carnival Festival, for the home appliance market, whether it is the traditional home appliance business channels or electricity providers are actively preparing for the home appliance business, no loyal consumers, regardless of the red envelopes, or cash coupons, price war is the eternal theme of holiday promotions.

the United States using historical promotional price hit "low-cost advantage" brand, direct benchmarking Tmall, Gome said its price to win Tmall "double 11" pre-sale price, such as the Changhong 50 inch 4K TV in Tmall "pre-sale price double 11" is 2899 yuan, the United States in September 17th sales invoice price is only 2299 yuan; iPhone6 gold 16G full Netcom version of the Tmall "pre-sale price double 11" is 4288 yuan, the United States on September 17th sales price is 4199 yuan, is generally lower than the Tmall "double 11" pre-sale price.

the United States President Wang Junzhou said, as long as the same type of home appliances, Gome will lower than competitors, and promises to consumers, those already in the United States to buy goods, the price than the Jingdong, will pay 300 yuan expensive. Visible in order to attract consumer attention, the United States is also spelled.

also adopted a "minimum" strategy, there are giant Jingdong and big two. Jingdong, not only to expand the promotional time to November 1st ~11 month 10, also said that home appliances will refresh the history of Jingdong’s lowest price, and the joint Tencent WeChat drainage, the home appliance brands will participate in the sale price of 1200. In addition, as the domestic electricity supplier leading enterprises, Jingdong is still "double 11" activities for some high-end appliance users to create "light luxury high-end, high-end special zone" in October 26th has been on the line, while the price of high-end products is also very attractive, such as having the most suitable viewer curved screen smart TV OLED LG 55EG9100, 55 inch slim the price is 18999 yuan, after the appointment of the price is only 13999 yuan.

Su Ning in October 26th launched the "double 11" preheating special price comprehensive benchmarking of Jingdong, and in eleven released during the warm-up activities, Joyoung double beauty, Emmett and Panasonic four brands, with the lowest seckill major appliance brands, and jointly carry out the "super brand" none other activities, such as on November 2nd ~3 is the Haier brand, 4 ~5 days is the Canon brand, with >