Zhuo Hui nternet for the first time to respond to the domain name trap

recently appeared on the network to guard against similar.LA domain name registration trap, the domain name registration agency for the first time to respond to the internet.

is reported that the domain name registration storm, originally called a person in Shenyang published on a website. The article mainly described jodns Internet.LA domain name registration without filing caused by the so-called "domain name, fraud trap", a remark, Mottaki, major media have reproduced comment. Reporters in the article review found that many Internet users leave a message, looking forward to the exchange of information on the Internet to give a statement, it is interesting that, in the face of someone in the online slander, abuse. Prior to this, Zhuo Hui Internet has not come out to refute and come forward confrontation, the reporter on the issue of telephone contact with the director of the operation of the Department of mr..

it is worth noting that, when the reporter opened jodns Internet website, the website below shows a series of qualification certificates, including business license, organization code, Internet business card ICP+ISP. Some netizens questioned, Shenyang issued a "no carefully record the domain name scam" and some of the media mentioned itself does not have the qualifications to provide domain name registration services, whether there are conflicts and the qualification certificate? And the official said, according to regulations, once jodns Internet suspected of operating without a license, MII can stop at any time the domain name registration service company.

when a reporter asked why not previously jodns Internet come out to refute after the incident, Mr. Ahn said, "when the Shenyang published the first article, jodns Internet will take further legal action, and the network that we do not have to register the domain name itself to provide qualified services, I think A clean hand wants no washing but, no qualification can survive for several years of development


it is understood that the Internet will be the day before the tradeway of Shenyang prosecution case. What will be the subsequent prosecution case, we will continue to follow the report.