Online short hire will be another buy in O2O mode

just saw the news, said the acquisition of the domain name of the online short rental site pig short rental network formally launched today. If I remember correctly, the following day, love ants short rent and many short rental website, a website of domestic Airbnb. Since it comes to Airbnb, we must first talk about O2O model.

O2O can be understood as the next line of business opportunities combined with the network, so that the network has become a window of offline transactions. Online short rent mode is a typical representative of O2O, its core is online booking, payment, and then enjoy the product or service to the line. The Airbnb site is a representative of online short rent.

According to

Chinese online short rental industry analysis, the current short rental customers, to the main tourist resort, followed by a short stay, the last is relatives and business work these four kinds of demand. O2o model is the key point, through the online platform to attract consumers, and the real consumer services or products by consumers to experience the line.

talked about online short hire this O2O model, it will naturally think of buying, with the introduction of the O2O model from abroad, the development of the group can be said to have a strong drama. From the hundred regiments to thousands of regiments, and then to the current phase of the elimination, the online short rent as this in the country just emerging O2O model, will not become another buy it?


if you want to understand the online short hire will not become another buy O2O mode, we first have to know the same point and difference online short rent and buy:

same point:

1, online short rent and buy can be a good Internet and physical stores docking, you can achieve the alliance of different businesses.

2, online short rent and buy age customers are 21-35 years old.

3, a short time can not be profitable, are relying on capital to survive. Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung said, do ants short rent project, within two years estimates will lose money, which is a characteristic of most of the electricity supplier website.

online short rent and buy as a different O2O mode, there is certainly a great difference.

1, online short hire and buy a different starting point, different access threshold. Online short rent is an important problem faced by the housing problem, which virtually improve the threshold to enter the online short rental industry. The group buying industry, as we all know, the threshold is very low, which is an important reason for the formation of a thousand regiments war.

2, so far, online short rent is an absolute O2O mode, but not only includes the O2O model, as well as B2C mode.

online short rent in the country as a new type of O2O model, from the future of profit space or from the consumer market, are very promising model >

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