Beauty said layoffs responded a small number of people do not accept off site work leave

[TechWeb] reported on February 26th, after the transfer of network and said the merger, multi sectoral layoffs, involving technology, marketing, operations, administration and risk control departments, the number of layoffs reached more than and 600. TechWeb call the person in charge of, the other side denied the layoffs, said the two sides in the process of integration, there are some jobs involved in different places of work, some of my colleagues for personal reasons to accept different places of work choose to leave, but the number of people involved very little.

in January 11th of this year, the beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong and CEO, both published in the internal mail confirmed that the United States said the official merger with and beauty say press 2:1. The merger did not set up a joint CEO system for the transition, but directly by occupy a dominant position, June will serve as CEO lead the development of new companies.

for the integration of the two sides, the responsible person, because of the beautiful and have set up offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, this integration will be based on the specific position to set the office, some business in Beijing to do more appropriate, the original Hangzhou employees need to transfer to Beijing, do some more suitable business in Hangzhou Beijing, the original staff also need to transfer to Hangzhou, because of personal reasons can’t accept ex colleagues will choose to leave, leaving both the original beauty of colleagues, also has the original colleagues, the turnover of compensation will according to department and individual specific talk. (Ming Yu)

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