Why Russia’s electricity supplier website to become a giant hot spots

Internet plus Chinese 2016 cross-border electricity supplier is to force the local electricity giant, cross-border electricity supplier website production, foreign trade website was hot. At the beginning of Chinese tourists in Japan to the United States in the panic buying toilet, Ma New York speech even by the media for evaluation of " a shocked us business " speech, the Jingdong in June 18th years to promote the biggest hot line is the Russian language website…… Although the Internet cross-border electricity supplier is very hot, but really effective in the Russian market.

folk trade Chinese and Russia, before the birth of the Internet has not yet had a close contact, the original China do cross-border trade is called " ", Chinese Daoye; and called for Russian " Russian ", was after the collapse of the Soviet Union; so, describe a profiteer " domestic what can transfer to the Russian junk got good stuff, like what a handkerchief, a hot water bottle, Erguotou can exchange for watches, telescope, car what good industrial products. " insiders said, because the Soviet Union has been focusing on the development of rebirth produces a lot of large industrial products, such as cars, boats, what weapons, but the light industry is very developed, China began its reform and opening up, national sovereignty, only the production of light industrial products, so the formation of mutual benefit and win-win situation.

today, in the Internet era, the Russians also began online shopping Research Report, A. T. Kearney released in 30 developed and developing countries in 2013, the Russian e-commerce market scale ranked thirteenth. Russia’s population is the first in Europe, is the largest number of Internet users in the country, nearly half of the Internet users to buy things. Compared with other countries electricity supplier retail electricity supplier, Russia accounted for 1.9% of the total retail sales of electricity suppliers, China is the world’s level of 6.3%, is 6.5%. The next five years, the Russian retail electricity supplier in the proportion of at least will soon close to the world level, at the same time, clothing, electronic products, shoes, bags, jewelry, auto parts products are six kinds of products on the Internet the most popular Russian buyers. Huge market share, China’s electricity supplier giant ample supply, the Russian electricity supplier market opportunities unlimited.

and Jingdong this year was on the line of Russian language website, Alibaba aliexpress launched in early April 2010, covering clothing, 3C, Home Furnishing, jewelry and so on a total of 30 primary industry categories, aliexpress orders in most countries and regions including Russian Federation, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Belarus, United states. Foreign business bigwigs also started early Russian business platform, the layout of the Amazon in 2013 to set up offices in Russia, the same year, the electricity supplier’s ShopBOP Russian website. At the same time, the British electricity supplier Asos also took a fancy to the Russian market, recently launched a Russian website.


cross-border electricity supplier hot, but there are some problems to be solved, such as

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