Never make any money from the old station could make money

say you may not believe, a true sense of the trash can make money! What is the true meaning of the dumpster? That is, not only is the site of garbage, but also not to make money in the garbage station! I began to do a web site in 06 years, was interested in it was built, here is not the site said.

since the beginning of the site, what all don’t understand, use a ASP program to hang up, but for a long time are not many people. Later, read some of the article, said the static category is easy to collect. So overnight all the stations are replaced by a page HTML, second days, my site on the Baidu will disappear forever. No matter how hard I try, Baidu doesn’t care about me anymore. Because Baidu is not included, the flow of my site is very poor, can not profit for me. But I did not give up the site, because the site has done such a waste, I spent a lot of energy in it, how can I bear to abandon it?

in this way, I have been raised by the garbage station, looking forward to Baidu to pay attention to me. However, Baidu has not visited my website, until an accident.

09 years, my site has been on the line for more than two years, when the site is still a Baidu K more than two years old garbage station. Two months ago, I accidentally entered a traffic Union website, there are PV traffic union. They are selling price flow is the lowest I have seen, 1000IP is only 6 cents!! so low-cost traffic can do what? I don’t know, but I think their own web site to do for so long, never exceeded two hundred IP. Other people’s garbage station, also known as garbage station, but also to earn some money to the webmaster, I do not even take back space and domain names are not enough. This time I will make statistics on the number of change! So I chose 150 yuan monthly flow of the station, 7000-8000 to IP every day, do the site so long, statistics can never have such a big number!! but spent money to buy happy, this is also the value of

!Since the

flow, why don’t I put some advertising on? So I put the advertisement of the mom also hung up, I used this advertising a week to sell a few yuan to buy now, I will offer 50 yuan, 30 yuan small position. Did not expect things to happen, after a few days, the two advertisements all sold out, but there are few people queuing to buy!! I forget about $80 a week, a month or 320, also make it ~ ~ is a nice surprise!


in the first show, due to the increase of the flow rate, the amount included in the major search engines are increasing day by day, I had the website static page is only more than and 300, GG had included more than and 500. The most incredible is that Baidu was also down! Really surprises!! the next thing I do not have much to say, because of traffic, many high PR sites are willing to follow me to the PR1 website.

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