Domain has dropped to 1 yuan CNNC spoof who

        8 yuan from the previous CNNIC to rumors of 5 yuan to 1 yuan, today in the new network, and a number of domain name registrar has been disclosed, the domestic domain will tomorrow is reduced to $1. CNNIC, in order to CN domain name visibility, and the domain name from 3 years ago, 280, down to 1, CNNIC exactly what to do? What is the value of 1 yuan domain name? CNNIC has broken through the limits of the network, unlimited expansion. Domain name flooding. domain names are likely to come out, because it is 1 yuan. 1 yuan of domain name as free mail, similar free trap, waiting for you to fall into the trap, and then found out, you waste a lot of energy. What is the trap behind the

1? 60 next year you are to give up or renew, renew, to renew a year to spend 60 yuan, rather than a lifelong system, if you give up, a year of hard to do, has invested a year of emotional domain. It is difficult to give up.
  seemingly simple dollar, this time next year, there are probably millions of domain names have not expired. Let users waste millions.
one yuan and a direct result of the storm, the search engine may cause panic, as long as we have the domain name, just hang a waste site, estimates can go in search engine search engine increased resolution difficulty, but also to network jam.
cnnic has been adhering to the CN domain name must be registered, this system has been put in a way, some people have bad luck, fortunate, because people use personal registration, and the good domain name has been deleted, and now a lot of the yuan will be registered? A clear story of the emperor’s new clothes, CNNIC has been confused.

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