The survival of the evolution of or shopping guide website

introduction: shopping guide website profit model is single, what is worth buying too. Sui Guodong said that what is worth buying mainly from the independent advertising and sales conversion commission.


rely on electricity supplier and the health of the shopping guide site, although not stand in front of the electricity supplier star so dazzling, but also the industry to make money boring. Beautiful, said was forced to ban Taobao after the transition, the shopping guide website experienced what? In the mobile Internet and cross-border electricity supplier under the tide of shopping guide website is to Nirvana rebirth or

will flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum?

mode: drain money

has always been low-key, what is worth buying, this is also a high-profile. High-profile emboldened not only from the huge traffic, and find business with consumer trends to find new business growth are inseparable.

in five years for the first time held a press conference, what is worth buying founder Sui Guodong to show the public platform for the development process and business model. Founded in 2010, what is worth buying initially only a blog site, with the words of Sui Guodong, 300 people visit at the same time, the site will collapse". Five years later, what is worth buying has become a shopping guide, social, tools and other work in one platform. According to Alexa statistics show that what is worth buying global traffic ranking reached 262, China ranked the top thirty-eighth sites.

shopping guide website profit model is relatively simple, what is worth buying the same. Sui Guodong said that what is worth to buy the main income from independent advertising and sales conversion Commission, in addition to no other income. Although there is no detailed description of the company’s capital and profitability, but he said that the current site funds in good condition.

in terms of financing, Sui Guodong continued to maintain a sense of mystery. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporter learned that, what is worth buying has not exposed any financing information, in 2013, has revealed the $10 million A round of financing has been officially denied. In team building, Sui Guodong said, what is worth buying existing team members of about more than and 200 people, operations, technology, market share of 2:2:1.

People familiar with the Internet industry,

of the new office of what is worth buying CEO may not be strange, he is the former vice president of Jingdong intelligence group that xin. As to Research Institute believes that the operation of the company are needed by the occupation managers, as the Xin, indicates what is worth buying has entered the development track. In the eyes of the Xin, what is worth buying five anniversary as a milepost, this is the industry environment and the size of the team mature natural step. After the release of the new strategy, what is worth to buy from the construction of consumer decision-making tools, docking overseas brands, build data Bridge five aspects of strategic intent.

in the shopping guide website domain, the beauty said, and other platforms have transformation, and what is worth buying is toward the deep sea Amoy.

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