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Randall Stross book "the launch pad" (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco (Qindao) Beijing on September 27th news, according to foreign media reports, venture accelerator Y Combinator has now become a Silicon Valley legend, it support start-ups and provide guidelines for its business. However, Y Combinator is able to expand its audience is still unknown.

this Thursday, Randall Stross (Randall Stross) will release his new book "the launch pad" (The Launch Pad), in reality from the perspective of the record for a period of three months of training entrepreneurial projects behind the story.

Stross is a columnist for the New York Times, before he published a book about the Silicon Valley and the Internet bubble era book "the godfather of Silicon Valley" (eBoys).

Follow up

Stross 2011 Y Combinator summer class hatching course, from 64 companies for the interview, accept from the top the $150 thousand venture investment and business strategy in Demo Day decision to the final graduation results show, he was across the track.

Y Combinator Paul – (Paul Graham) for the evaluation of this book is quite accurate."

Graham’s comments on the book can be summarized as "I think it’s interesting for the reader to read the book.". In my opinion, this book is interesting from the three points, first, it is the first hand data is written based on the second, this is a new topic, for most people in third, it has broader implications."

, the launch of the book, did not reveal too many surprising secrets, some of the various strategies for start-ups, for those who want to start a business is very practical.

this is the telephone interview of Stross, the author of the book, following the Y Combinator accelerator project through the entire process, using different view shows a witness’s thought.

asked: do you think Y Combinator the story behind the scenes have broader applicability? "Vanity Fair" is a selection of the book chapters, and titled "who wants to be a millionaire", this is a very inspirational, also can widely attract audience title. The potential for startups is in the form of economic power, and I want to know, is that what you want to convey to the public,


Stross: I don’t think the founders who took part in the YC program really started to become billionaires. It’s just "Vanity Fair>"

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