nternet giants compete for fresh cold chain distribution into a stumbling block

Xinjiang small apricot, northeast of Chagan Lake, Chile cherries, Australia snowflake beef…… Inadvertently, from the distant regions and countries of the fresh food has almost become citizens with extreme ease delicious tongue. In SOHO, Ms. Stone work has developed from time to time online shopping habits, on her computer favorites, easy fruit fresh, fresh Tootoo, Jingdong and other fresh business platform is her favorite, while at noon leisure time order, the evening of the second day, sharing order will end on the table the whole family delicacy.

with Amazon recently officially launched a new pattern of Museum of fresh, fresh electricity supplier in the field has been the Internet giant and vertical electric gezonglianheng collective force. Following the end of last year, Alibaba investment easy fruit network, this year, Jingdong also announced a $70 million investment in orchard every day. Hot fresh electricity supplier, won the favor of consumers at the same time, but also become the battleground of the capital competition.

a new round of fighting the inevitable

Ms. Shi

home to a fresh blueberry love, mainly because the children love to eat, and has always been fresh fruit from easy to buy. "Often engage in activities, cheap, fresh, fruit big," Ms. Shi summed up their experience of blueberry online shopping.

this time, Ms. Stone is full of expectations for the Amazon fresh museum. She said: "it is not a fruit at home, hot, you can see whether there is a discount, buy a baby to eat." But Ms. Stone did not find the desired product, frustrated. She called Amazon customer service, the other’s reply is fresh shop just opened, the product is not very rich".

although Amazon started in fresh areas, but industry experts are optimistic about the team just entering the giants. Hong Tao, director of the Institute of business economics, Beijing Technology and Business University, said: Amazon is doing cross-border e-commerce, domestic fresh electricity supplier has a strong reference value, will play a catfish effect."

fresh, was not optimistic about the electricity supplier in the field, the second half of 2012 began to get more and more enterprise investment and favor. According to statistics, China’s fresh market size of nearly trillion yuan, the current penetration rate is less than 1%, however, each upgrade will be tens of billions of dollars in the market size of 1%. It is because of such a broad market prospects, large and small electricity providers have set foot in. Now, the electricity supplier of fresh fruit net to blossom everywhere, vertical, SF preferred fresh electricity supplier logistics, Jingdong sent fresh channels and other electricity providers giant each corner of the market, has not been born with a "fresh giant", which also determines the next period of time the competition will be very fierce.

Zhang Xiaodong, vice president of Beijing Jiaotong University, Portage College, said: People’s demand for high-end food is rising rapidly, e-commerce is an inevitable trend into fresh."

cold chain distribution need to turn Mount Everest

in fresh areas, there is a problem, regardless of company size, are not around the past, that is the cold chain logistics, it is the international logistics industry known as the "Mount Everest area". Public opinion asserts that "fresh fighting, who won the" logistics.

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