Taobao shop customer service wages

it is understood that a lot of Taobao shops are beginning to recruit in major institutions, mainly customer service. From the recruitment of personnel, with shops open wider, now the customer service is no longer just need to sit in front of the computer keyboard, has developed into a variety of segmentation tasks, such as store promotion, customer service and follow-up service, and according to different division, salaries also has a larger the difference.

a Taobao owner at the scene of the interview, said he was mainly focused on customer service capabilities and reception capacity. In addition to the requirements of typing speed and so on the traditional requirements, but also need to investigate the ability to respond to the spot, because the customer can not only recover the flexibility of the loss, but also to bring more orders to the store.

With the increase of

store credit, sales have greatly improved, customer reception and so on, ready to supply more and more complex, so many shops from 1 people before the store, has now developed to a sales team, customer service team advertising team, strict division of labor, as if a company. Customer service is also in line with this development, the development of a number of categories.

There were also large differences in

service remuneration according to the different types of jobs, such as sales customer service will get the corresponding Commission, director to promote customer service will be according to the advertising effect there is a corresponding Commission, customer service customer service and customer satisfaction to be directly linked, if a customer complaint, also will be charged.

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