Marketing breakthrough is the key to B2C online sales to leap

seven fairies fresh net, colorful, fashion, ceremony and other brands have launched online mall marketing, regardless of its sales revenue and operating profit of the enterprise e-commerce application is concerned, is undoubtedly a very obvious progress and breakthrough. To break the traditional distributors and stores network pattern, cut to long channel terminal consumers, the first time to grasp the terminal information and demand, maximize shorten the cash collection cycle, in B2C applications, it is no longer a problem, is a very obvious effect on improving enterprise management.

but to make enterprises more e-commerce applications, B2C as with traditional channels as the important things to do, but also need more mature conditions, such as electronic business awareness, logistics support, the number of consumers online shopping and marketing promotion and marketing, especially the problem of the online store, if you can not achieve compared with the traditional supermarkets, stores, stores advantage promotion more powerful, to further realize the leap is more difficult, this advantage including various marketing costs, marketing strategy, channels etc..

things online, online solution is the most convenient. B2C promotion can adopt the traditional repertoire, and digital marketing but also help to improve the traffic and sales conversion rate, with the help of network news and network events, network advertisement, network marketing activities and strategies, with the network media, Internet and other channels, from awareness and improve access to both the amount of shaping the Mall mall, more to realize the transformation from high promotion information dissemination to the audience to access the mall rate, and thus stimulate visitors buying interest, resulting in an online shopping destination preference among consumers. If the audience analysis and target shopping groups in place, the strategy of creative enough, in the marketing cost can be controlled in a very low range.

of course, the promotion of digital marketing, in addition to strong creative resources, full path, execution is in place determines the success or failure of marketing, if not continuous to launch a marketing campaign, the B2C road will become extremely long, may eventually lose the line originally very weak confidence.

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