LVMH group lost treasure is unable to make improvements

Spring Festival before the group treasure network was broken capital chain, each group of people have to discuss the group treasure. February 7th Groupon finally returned to work, employees, businesses have containment Groupon headquarters for salary and. After half a month after the public Crusade, Groupon lost and unable to make improvements. The plight of the group’s treasure marks a large group buying site is about to start shuffling.


Groupon has now

February 6th, mission treasure network CEO Ren Chunlei Sina micro-blog said, after the collective efforts of all shareholders, the parties are coming into the account, with immediate effect from the beginning of the issuance of checks." Then in the early morning of February 7th, is located in Beijing, The Union Buildings, 19 floor headquarters will gather a large number of employees and business partners to come back to recover their wages and payment of goods in Chaoyang District.

Groupon serious domestic trouble and foreign invasion, since the second half of 2011 employees, not turnover also gradually by turnover. In the staff wages cannot be issued in a timely manner and employee bonus became impossible when complaining employees continue to increase, the company has lost cohesion.

most businesses in that Groupon’s situation, have terminated with Groupon cooperation, and arrears to Groupon for cooperation. There is no cooperation business is not the source, there is no supply and how consumers, consumers, how can the company survive.

for Groupon is more deadly before many consumers buy online coupons in Groupon now has not been cooperative businesses recognize that consumers can not consumption, and to apply for a refund and Groupon unattended, resulting in consumers for Groupon great anger. In the group is busy with employees and businesses to ignore the response to consumers, if consumers are not satisfied with your business, then your business will be difficult to survive. In February 6th, the group is still selling a network of businesses have been terminated cooperation buy products, which means there is a fraud.

now Groupon has deeply hurt the company’s employees, business cooperation, three party consumer groups, this is the most important of the three party group, Groupon lost now. Push everyone down the wall in the market competition, Groupon also can back? Said Ren Chunlei launched a new service, there will be many new new? Maybe just an empty talk.

new services for new funds only for the people

Ren Chunlei said on micro-blog, the group will provide consumers with a series of brand new consumer service." The new service group purchase will be what kind of? If Groupon has a good way of group purchase why not to use? The money after it said to launch a new group purchase service, is said to be in the company when the plight of insight, to come up with a good group purchase mode? There are a lot of people give advice and suggestions group purchase service however, real utility is not a few, are basically small details neither painful nor itching. The industry has been advocating O2O model, there is still a long way to go to achieve, the group will launch a new network of Bao Bao Service >

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