PC is dead Taobao announced the imminent closure of the PC end

[editor’s note] now, the old ship can no longer sail far away, and the new ship is sailing." The afternoon of December 12th, Taobao Master published an article entitled "no matter how brilliant history, now have to say" goodbye "" article, decided in December 26, 2016 Taobao PC Master line terminal site (uz.taobao.com), Master personal PC sites will also be offline.


Master is the third party shopping guide platform of Taobao, the current product entrance including "good goods", "Taobao headlines" and "Master Amoy", "red circle", "etc.. When people get involved in the activities of Taobao to attract fans to pay attention to their dynamics, businesses use the fan effect to promote their products.


According to the Taobao

Master post, 2011, Taobao Master started from Taobao Application Center began to encourage buyers, Master share their shopping experience to consumers in 2014; Taobao Master open wireless process; in 2016, Taobao Master from the PC to the mobile terminal transfer.

below is the PC end of the article published by Taobao Daren

you guys:


review Master development process, from the Taobao application center of buyers in 2011 we started, Master began to encourage to share their shopping experience to consumers; with the rapid development of wireless Internet, 2014 Taobao Master open wireless process, seize the opportunity;

2016 all Master and industry, businesses build Ali wireless content ecosystem, build Taobao headlines, good goods, love shopping, consumers will buy list, industry market, Taobao live, daily good shops and other favorite wireless content scene, realized from PC to mobile gorgeous.

Taobao PC end of the people to complete the mission of history, has come to say goodbye to the time of the end of the Taobao PC.

platform decision, Taobao Daren PC end site (uz.taobao.com) will be off the assembly line in December 26, 2016, while people’s personal PC site at the same time offline.

PC, goodbye!

we are convinced that the farewell PC is just a starting point for Taobao, we will take off in the broader mobile terminal market!

Taobao Daren platform

December 12, 2016

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