5 details to improve e commerce sales and customer satisfaction

e-commerce is a great way to bring profits to the enterprise, but also a very bright future trend, regardless of whether you have established e-commerce, or is preparing to enter the field of electronic commerce, please read the following 5 details, they have the help to improve e-commerce sales and customer satisfaction.

one is to improve your site open speed

you should have heard that visitors are impatient to wait for the page to load time, and for e-commerce sites, the speed of the site is more important, because it directly affects the site’s normality. In a recent study, 47% of consumers expected the value of the web page to load in the next 3 seconds or less, if the time is more than 3 seconds to load, and 40% of people will give up this site. Please do not test the patience of customers, unless your product is unique.

recommends that you try to use Pingdom, which will test the page load time. In particular, can help you find out what is the content of the entire page hindered the loading process.

two is to improve the delivery speed and clearly identify the office or production location

on the site you have to have a specific delivery schedule. In particular, pay attention to during the festive season (such as Christmas is coming soon), due to the increase in shipments, in more sales, you should clearly tell the members of the time of delivery, or arrival time.

if you have a physical store? If there is a workshop? If there is a business license? If yes, please in the apparent position clearly indicated on the website of their physical location or relevant documents, which can further increase customer trust, let us enjoy a possible customer trust online shopping.

three to carefully check the site can not open or wrong page.

please check it carefully and in detail, whether there is no open or wrong page on your website, this is a very useful work. This is bound to reduce the amount of income you run because of the wrong information. Because often see the wrong page, soon after, the customer will get frustrated and give up your site. Common error page check tools online, such as webmaster tools, etc.. I check once a week on my Taobao hot list, to prevent the emergence of dead links.

four to be held during the holiday season holiday

good holiday promotions is essential, such as price discounts or free postage delivery service etc.. If you haven’t done that yet, take the time to make your marketing strategy before Christmas comes this year. Personal experience: I am a online shoppers, but it is a regular shopping, the store I love I found, because his shop at every festival will launch a variety of preferential benefit activity.

five is to ensure that your page should be able to browse the

in a variety of browsers

if your website design

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