From Milan to New York Jingdong are advanced road

February 17th, Jingdong China famous pioneer fashion designer Zhang Chi, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology professor Guo Ruiping, independent designer Li Kun, Taiwan designer Pan Yiliang and the transformation of sports star designer Cahill 5 excellent designers and original works of New York fashion week debut. Following last year’s "Milan", Jingdong once again join hands with independent designers on the stage of the world’s top fashion week, the 5 designers who have stood out as well as the designers of Jingdong.

from an original with fashion detached 3C vertical, frequently appeared in the world of fashion to the stage, a Jingdong how to find everything fresh and new, in a fashion game


fashion body plan and New York fashion week

This is not the first time

Jingdong to promote independent designers are landing stage, early in the first quarter of last year are luminous body plan, Jingdong led domestic designers first appeared on the Milan fashion week, the integration of Chinese show infinite charm of traditional culture and international fashion elements, international fashion.

are light Jingdong jointly planned by the European design center to create a common, which is a set of competitions, school occupation training, the top international fashion week, sales of electronic business platform of the whole chain of fashion designer talent support program, full of wit, to elect with international vision strength to send Chinese designers on the world stage.


is an international fashion event, but the New York fashion week and Milan fashion week still has some different characteristics. Milan fashion week, designers tend to have high brand has a relatively small minority, while the New York designers week selection is more close to the daily life of consumers, the brand is more and more high visibility down to earth.

the designer recommended by Jingdong, the overall performance style is also with New York fashion week fit fit. Relaxation of "Chi Zhang" integration of street culture and elegant, full of personality, full of modern sense; Guo Ruiping’s "Xi" of color control freely, also attaches great importance to the details of the show; Li Kun’s own brand "ALICIA LEE" elegant neutral, called crazy exaggeration and calm restraint contradictory unity; brand "GIOIAPAN Pan Yiliang will be the traditional fusion craft knitting fashion elements, giving knitting clothing new fashion life; Cahill explained on a man’s daily dress cool, relaxed and yet are understood in their own way, bring the young fun" CAHILL+".

we also noticed, and are all designers, the first quarter of the luminous body is different, this not only from Taiwan, pan Yiliang including Cahill, this shows that foreign designers are light projects adhere to support the domestic designers, also try to internationalization, provide support and help for the more talented designer.

fashion and electricity supplier innovation combined: that show that buy

the New York fashion week, in addition to the selection of outstanding designers to show talent, another major mention

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